A Dental CFO Is Affordable and Adds High Value - Engage Advisors

When you run a small business, the cost of services is always a concern. Many of our clients at Engage Advisors say they initially put off calling us because they had the perception that a Dental CFO would be more expensive. After they did become clients, they learned two things. First – they realized that …

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To grow your practice, you need to know how it’s performing today – I mean really know things like your hygiene pre-appointment rate, treatment acceptance rate, appointment no-show rate, and new patients per month. All the information you need should be readily available and current, so you can call it up, track it and then …

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Selling your dental practice 101 | Engage Advisors

By Spencer Wesley If you’re among the 77% of dentists who own their practices, this is a message for you. The day will come when you need to sell your practice, which by then will represent a valuable asset in your retirement portfolio. As a practice broker, we’ve facilitated hundreds of these transactions, and we’d like …

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