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Everyone has likely received unsolicited email from time to time. It can be annoying and can disrupt or discredit your perception of a brand in a matter of minutes. Even if the sender is providing a “tip” or “free knowledge”, the fact that they are reaching out to you without your consent should be a …

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We’ve hit on tax scams, tax related identity theft, and other pitfalls to watch out for as tax season approaches. Educating our clients on identity and tax related theft trends is the best defense we can offer to you, the practicing dentist. High net-worth individuals, such as yourself, are just as susceptible to tax scams …

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How is your dental practice’s digital strategy working out? Are you paying a premium each month for SEO? It’s no surprise that time and hard work are required to reach the number one spot in search rankings, but you can boost your practice’s search presence right now! Here’s what you need to do: Sign Up …

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