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How a Dental Accountant Can Help You

At Engage Advisors, we specialize in dental accounting. Check out how an industry-specific dental accountant can help you with your dental office.

  • Financial Knowledge – First, a dental accountant brings you much needed financial knowledge. As a business owner, we know you have some knowledge of finances, but it can be helpful to have someone who is specifically trained in accounting to take a look at everything you have going on. This can really help you make the most of your financials, including tax preparation, financial planning, and more.
  • Industry-Specific Expertise – Another way that a dental accountant can help you is the industry-specific expertise that we bring to your business. We focus on working only with dentists and dental practices. This means we have more knowledge of the dental industry than the average accountant. We can use this knowledge to your benefit by walking you through the best uses of your money and how to make your practice really work for you.
  • Saves Your Time – As a business owner, you are a busy person. You have a lot going on and a lot to do with your business. You also have a life outside of your business. If you hire someone to do accounting for your business instead of trying to do it yourself, you can save yourself time. You can save time for your life or give yourself more time to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Allows You to Focus on Your Practice – There is a lot that goes into owning a dental practice, and there are certain things only the owner can handle. With a specific dental accountant for your practice, you can let the accountant focus on the numbers and what they do best, and you can focus on your practice and what you do best.

Can you see some of the ways a dental accountant could help your Kansas City dental office? If you can, you should check out some of the services offered by Engage Advisors below. There are a lot of things we can help out with when it comes to your dental office.

Services We Offer for Your Kansas City Dental Practice

Looking for accounting services for your Kansas City dental office? Look no further than Engage Advisors. We are happy to help you with different accounting and financial services. Check out some of the services we offer below.

  • Tax & Accounting – One of our main services for dental offices is our tax and accounting service. This service includes keeping track of business revenue and figuring out the best way to pay your taxes and stay on top of things. With this service, we offer things like bookkeeping, tax planning, tax returns, payroll, and strategy meetings. We can help you get your business where you want to be and build a strategy with you for success.
  • Financial Planning – Financial planning means getting your finances in order today to set your future self up for success. Financial planning could include planning for retirement, or it could mean saving for your kid’s college fund. It could also mean saving for a specific lifestyle you want to lead. However, to get where you want to go with your money, you have to plan for it. Our financial experts have helped many business owners plan for their future while still giving themselves a great life today. With our services, we specialize in dental and medical practices so that we have the industry knowledge to help our clients be even more successful.
  • PPO Negotiations – At Engage Advisors, you can also get PPO services. With this service, we handle all the PPO negotiations so that you do not have to worry about it. We will provide custom negotiations so that you are getting exactly what you need from PPOs as you start up a new practice or transition your current practice.
  • Transitions– Are you buying a new dental practice? Are you thinking about selling your current practice in the next couple of years? All of these types of financial transitions take a lot of planning and thought. We have finance experts that have helped many people with these transitions and can help you. Remember, we specialize in the dental industry, so we have a lot of knowledge and expertise to bring to these transitions.

These are a few of the services we offer you for your dental office. If you feel that your practice could benefit from one or more of these services, you can reach out to us today.

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Engage Advisors can help your dental business run more smoothly with our dental accounting services. If you would like to learn more about us and what we can do for you, you can click here to set up a call. During this call, you can learn more about what we do and how we can help you. You can also ask any questions you may have for us. We look forward to helping you in any way we can. Reach out to us today for more information.