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Tax and Accounting Services for Your Dental Practice in Chicago

People dread taxes because they worry about the money that it will cost them. However, with the proper CPA and accounting services, taxes do not have to be a thing to dread. Check out some of the services that are included with our tax and accounting services right here.

Tax & Accounting includes :

  • Bookkeeping – If you are the one keeping track of the books, it can be a time-consuming process. Bookkeeping is also a task where one tiny error can mess a lot of things up. That is why we offer bookkeeping services for your dental office. We automate these processes to save dentists a lot of time every month, and we also give our clients direct access to their books so that they know exactly what is going on.
  • Dental Dashboards – We also offer dental dashboards as part of our accounting services. What are these dashboards? They take a look at trends in your practice and numbers that can measure how your practice is performing overall. Once those things are tracked, you are able to know how your team is performing, and you will be able to see the areas where your team can improve.
  • Tax Planning – Taxes are something most people, especially business owners, dread. It can feel like you never know what is coming in regards to taxes from the government, but we can help. We offer tax planning services to help you anticipate what is coming and to reduce your tax burden.
  • Payroll – Payroll is necessary for every business owner, but that doesn’t mean it is fun or easy to deal with. We can take over your payroll so that you don’t have to worry about it. We offer cloud-based payroll solutions so that things are tracked and taken care of easily. We can get an employee direct deposit going, and we have a secure employee portal to keep track of things to make your life easier.
  • Strategy Meetings – Where is your business headed? What are your business goals? Sometimes it is easy to be going about our day-to-day lives without checking in on those things. That is why we offer strategy meetings for our clients. We want to help you with setting financial and business goals, and we want to help you with achieving those goals by uncovering opportunities for improvement in your business.
  • Tax Returns – There are a lot of requirements when filing tax returns. Don’t make your life harder by trying to figure it all out by yourself. Instead, hire an expert in your industry to help. We can help you figure out the specific IRS and state tax requirements so that you can focus on other areas and aspects of your business.

Above, we discussed the different aspects of the tax and accounting services we offer you. However, we offer more than just tax services. We offer other financial services and help with your dental business. Check out some of the other services we offer below.

Other Dental CPA Services from Engage Advisors

We offer tax services and general accounting like payroll and more. However, that is not all our business offers you. We also have some other services that could help. Check them out below.

Financial Planning

One of our other popular services is our financial planning service. With financial planning at Engage Advisors, we focus on what is important to you, and we talk to you about how you can plan for the future. Things like saving for retirement are a little different when you own a business versus just working for someone. We specialize in financial planning for dental and medical practices, so we have the knowledge to help you in the way that you need.

PPO Negotiations

We also offer services like PPO negotiations where we can handle custom negotiations to get you exactly what you are looking for in regards to your practice. We offer risk-free analysis, client-focused solutions, and custom negotiations.


Are you acquiring a new dental office or adding a building to your current dental practice? Are you thinking about selling your dental practice sometime in the future? If you are going through any of these transitions, you could use a financial expert to help. We offer financial services to help with transitions such as these, and our expertise in the dental industry helps us make things go very smoothly with all of the transitions.

Engage Advisors specializes as a dental CPA firm. We offer all of the services listed above, and we can help your dental practice today. You can click here to set up a call with us about our services. We can walk you through everything we can do for you and how it can benefit your dental practice. Reach out to us today to learn more.