Tax, Accounting & Business Strategy

We engage the entire scope of your CPA services, so you can pay less in taxes, keep more of what you make & win in business.

What we offer.


Cleaning up the books can be a real drag. We automate the process and save the average dentist 3 hours per month! Our clients have direct access to their books providing them complete clarity and control.

Real-Time Dental Dashboards

What is measured is improved. Are you aware of trends and their relationships in your practice numbers? With BlueIQ practice dashboards and management tools, you will know how your team is performing and what areas of your practice need attention.

Tax Planning

No one likes a surprise, especially one from Uncle Sam. Our clients don't get broadsided with tax bills because we work with them to reduce their tax burden and plan for the future.


Payroll is a basic component of owning your own business. Our cloud-based payroll solution includes employee direct deposit, paperless reporting, and a secure employee portal.

Strategy Meetings

Our client drive their businesses to the destination they choose. Setting goals, reviewing historical trends, and uncovering opportunities for improvement is why a quarterly strategy meeting is invaluable.

Tax Returns

The IRS and each state have filing requirements for you as a business owner. We manage this, so you can focus on growing your business.

The right numbers matter.

When it comes to run your business, you need someone you can trust. We offer the full gambit of tax and accounting services that you expect but we don’t stop there. Your practice deserves more than accurate accounting, which is why we offer sound advice to help you grow your practice based on the numbers we find.

Dental Tax Strategies

Much like treatment planning for dentists, every CPA has a different opinion on tax strategies. Our Dental CPAs are well versed in the best way to save you from tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes.

Dental Accounting Services

Dental accounting services for your practice should be more than just "keeping the books." Your accounting provides solid insight into the health and vitality of your practice. Our process is a real-time solution to make a real impact in the quality of your business and the quality of your life.

Profit First for Dentists

Intentionally managing your cash flow will revolutionize your practice. It will also provide you the calm, confident control over your finances that you’re searching for.

Financial advice you can trust.


Get Quality Time Back

Your time is valuable. You should be able to spend more of it with your family, or doing what you enjoy. Get hours back every week by partnering with us.


Industry-specific Roadmaps.

We’ve developed significant knowledge and insights through the experience of working exclusively with dentists. Our clients gain advice based on previous successful solutions from other practices.


Maximize Your Hard Work

You only have so many hours in the week to practice dentistry. Only so many weeks left in your lifetime.

How to get started.

Schedule a Call

Speak to one of our advisors and discover ways we can partner with you to help your practice succeed.

Discuss Your Opportunities

We’ll walk through our findings and present you with opportunities to save and grow in your practice.

Enjoy a thriving Practice

Watch your practice grow to new heights from the right financial advice at the right time.

Our Services

Tax & Accounting

We engage in the entire scope of your CPA services, so you can pay less on taxes and keep more of what you make.

Financial Planning

We collaborate to bring your practice and personal finances together in a holistic plan toward a work-optional lifestyle.

PPO Negotiations

We reduce your fee schedule adjustments by negotiating the best PPO contracts for your practice.


We partner with you through a critically uncertain time in your career, transitioning your dental practice

Schedule a call today to explore your options.

On our call, we’ll discuss where you’ve been, what has worked well and what challenges you’ve faced. We’ll provide you with actionable insight into your overhead, and what changes you can make now to start increasing the efficiency of your practice. You’ll get a clear map of the opportunities we have to work together, and what our packages look like.